1. What about a hotel, or hostel, where we will live? All nights will be booked in hotels, not hostels. We do not work with a specific hotel, but we select the best options for a particular group size and date. All hotels are rated 2.5-3 stars, sometimes - even 4 stars.

2. How many people are placed in the room and how does it work? In Las Vegas, accommodation is for 2 people in a room. In other cities - up to 4 people in a room. You can pay additional for double occupancy for all nights.

3. How will be the excursions conducted, will we all be walking like a herd? No, no one walks like a heard. The tour is made up of time frames and free time, which is adjusted for each group. I.e., when you’ll come to a specific attraction (for example, the Walk of Fame (Hollywood Stars)), you will be told and shown where to go and what to see; after which, the time when all should come back is assigned. After that, each person by himself chooses where to go, and in what sequence. After gathering, we’ll go to the next program’s step.

4. We probably will do all viewing "in a hurry"? There will be enough time for each attraction, with no need to hurry. You will have enough time to take pictures, to walk in the neighborhood and buy souvenirs, and even to eat!

5. What kind of transportation will we ride? It all depends on the size of the group. It can be a big bus, or a minbus, but usually all rides are done by the Vans for 15 people. There can be 2 or 3 of them on the same date. This allows us to split the group into subgroups in terms of interest, or in terms of sightseeing, and have better ability to adapt to the needs of each specific sub-group.

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Best of the West
Las Vegas ★ Grand Canyon ★ Los Angeles ★ San Francisco ★ Sequoia Park ★ Valley of Fire