1. What if I have specific situation? Just call us +1-888-406-1030 or use Facebook chat

2. Why is the cost of the plane tickets paid separately? Air transportation is absolutely independent service that we provide as a convenience to our participants.

3. How much do the plane tickets cost to Las Vegas and back? Prices can vary greatly; so for those who book a tour at least 21 days before the start of the tour, we buy tickets at a special price of only $250 round-trip in the United States (some restriction may apply!).

4. Can I buy the tickets myself? Yes, then just pay for the tour only.

5. How much does the tour and plane tickets cost together? Total cost for the tour with tickets is depends on your dates and destinations

6. What is included in the tour? The tour includes: meeting you at the airport in Las Vegas; transportation to the hotel; 8 nights in the hotels of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco; tours of all cities; group shuttle transportation to the airport.

7. Who is going to this tour? This is a student tour, or should I say, the youth tour, and all participants are 18-28 years old from different countries, mainly from Europe.

8. What guarantees that after paying I’ll get what I expect? We are conducting this tour for the fifth year, and every year we improve the tour based on the experience of previous groups. We have also received many certificates, such as Certified Travel Associate, Las Vegas Travel Trade, Arizona Accreditation Program (Arizona State, location of the Great Canyon), San Diego Specialist Program, San Francisco Specialist Program, and Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations Specialist.

9. Why travel with you? With us it’s cheaper, more reliable, safer, more interesting, and more fun.

10. Why is the tour so cheap? Every year there are people who ask why it is so cheap and those who scream - so expensive! Yes, the tour is cheaper than similar tours of competitors, but it is only the result of the cost optimization and pricing policy of our company. The quality of the tour is improving each year by continuous work on small details.

11. Why is the tour so expensive? The tour itself is not expensive; all opponents’ debates over the past five years on forums and chats, after detailed consideration, came to the conclusion, that the tour has a reasonable price. Not everyone can stay with friends in LA, or chip in four of them in the car, or get from an employer discount on hotels, or to drag their suitcases from Greyhound to the hostel and then back. There are always options to save, but they don't work for everyone, and here our tour works well. No headaches, no troubles, only 8-days of pleasant experiences.

12. And how much does a similar tour of competitors cost? We periodically check the prices and trends of all competitors, and we believe that our tour has the best price/quality ratio and the most important - route and sightseeing. For example, offers for $1119 (plane tickets are not included) 7-day tour, including 4 nights in a tent, and a sleeping bag which you have to buy. At another company,, a similar tour costs $1490 (also without tickets). Other companies offer similar prices or questionable routes (night travel; obviously reduced the duration of travel; mandatory tipping, or any additional charges for all that is possible).

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Best of the West
Las Vegas ★ Grand Canyon ★ Los Angeles ★ San Francisco ★ Sequoia Park ★ Valley of Fire