1. Which airline will we fly? The airline can be any; it all depends on the size of the group, the specific date and time when we need to depart.

2. Can I return not with the group, and to another airport? You can fly back and to another city, with no extra pay, if the rates to your destination will not be more expensive than the standard.

3. How do I get my ticket? All tickets are electronic, and we send all the instructions and airline tickets 7-10 days prior to the start of the tour. The instructions will accurately explain where, when, and how you will fly, and when you will return.

4. When do we fly? Day shown as the start of the tour is the day of departure. As a rule, all flights are in the morning. The exception is the Labor Day week only, as usually flights are in a daytime (we will notify you by mail of the exact time up to 7 days before the tour).

5. When do we arrive? You arrive to Las Vegas in the afternoon local time.

6. What is the difference in time between the East and West coasts? Minus to three hours; when it is 10 am in New York, it is 7 am in Las Vegas.

7. When and what time are we coming back to the East Coast? You are flying back from Las Vegas or San Francisco in the morning or afternoon, but because of the time difference and the flight itself, you will be in Washington or New York area about 5-6 pm. If you need a special time, let us know, and we will try to find the appropriate flight.

8. How long does it take to fly? Flight along with a transfer takes about 7-8 hours. Transfer, if any, takes typically about an hour.

9. What luggage can I bring? Any; but less is better. You can’t take too much in carry-on luggage, and you will have to pay extra for everything else to the airline on the spot.

10. What is the extra charge for checked baggage? Each airline has its own rates; together with e-ticket, we send the list of the baggage fees. Usually, it is extra $20-$25 for the first luggage, weighing up to 50 lbs, and $50 for the second luggage. For more than 50 lb for excess luggage, or the third luggage you have to pay $100 and above; so think – is it worth it?

11. What is not allowed in carry-on luggage? You can’t take: all aerosols, cans under pressure (polish, shaving foam, etc.), matches, lighters, scissors, other piercing and cutting items, weapons, drugs, etc.

12. Would be food provided on the plane? Would, but for the money! We recommend eating at the airport or taking anything with you. You can bring food on board, but not liquid.

13. Would be drinks provided? Water is free of charge; some airlines offer juices and cola - also free. Alcohol is sold for money on domestic flights anywhere.

14. Will anybody meet me, if the flight is delayed? Yes, we will.

15. What should I do, if my flight is postponed? We will still meet you at the airport, and will help to make up for the tour individually. You will have the coordinator’s contact information, and you can call him/her and tell all about the changes (if you don't have your phone, you can ask the airline staff).

16. What should I do, if my luggage is lost? Don't worry, our coordinator at the airport will help you to connect with employees of the airline, and find out the fate of your luggage. (Loss of luggage is extremely rare, and luggage is brought to the hotel within 24 hours)

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